Retail & Commercial

Commercial building

Your commercial property can be better protected against criminal activity & antisocial behaviour with CCTV monitoring services from SENIXA.

It starts with monitoring- how can we keep this environment free of crime, or safe etc. Then the systems design & implementation of the right technology is put in place to support these objectives.

This transcends the traditional permitter protection & alarm systems

Construction & Property Development

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SENIXA implements bespoke security & access control systems for clients on a temporary or permanent basis.

We can install monitored CCTV cameras which can secure premises for example for new property development & construction sites even if the site has no power infrastructure or internet communications available.

These set ups can be rapidly deployed & work with existing on site security personnel or even replace these entirely.  On site security staff can often be either targeted or the source of issues.  Cameras do not sleep, nor are they sick or need bathroom breaks.

Educational Campuses


Increasingly schools & varsity campuses have to deal with various threats to students, staff, personal belongings & infrastructure.

Staff have to manage expansive areas including classrooms, playgrounds, sports fields, laboratories, canteens & libraries.

Typically educational facilities are striving to provide open, creative & nurturing environments, whilst balancing limited budgets, privacy & security concerns.


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Public space management is very different to traditional perimeter integrity & security monitoring, for example in residential estate type situations.

Unfortunately there is an ever increasing trend particularly in South Africa where competent governance is in rapid decline across the board. Typically communities are forced to stand up to take control of their own situations with the proliferation of Neighbourhood Watches & formalized CID structures.

SENIXA has developed a demonstrable track record of working directly with numerous communities to assist design, manage & in many cases pioneer security & public space management systems for operation in South Africa.

Residential Homes

Residential homes

Protection of your family & assets is always a primary concern. SENIXA works with high-end standalone residential property owners to derive peace of mind for their personal spaces.

This includes designing, installing & managing a variety of security & access control solutions which integrate CCTV surveillance & traditional alarm systems monitoring.

A range of flexible services is available which dovetail with armed response services, community NHW’s & law enforcement & emergency response resources as required.

Residential Estates & Apartment Complexes

Safety, tranquility & peace of mind spring to mind when thinking of estates & apartment living spaces.  These vary in size from town house developments to large scale residential estates & apartment blocks.

Perimeter protection & appropriate access control systems are paramount to securing & managing these environments.

SENIXA has competency in designing, installing, supporting & providing remote security monitoring & access control systems- be this human or vehicular.  This also involves the required integration with back up power redundancy, all networking & mechanical systems for large scale estates.

Farms and Remote Homesteads


SENIXA has extensive experience working with some of the largest & best known commercial & wine farms in South Africa.

These are characterized as substantial & remote properties which are working environments.

The design & implementation & monitoring of security systems for visitors, staff, & families at these properties is paramount.