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Public space management is very different to traditional perimeter integrity & security monitoring, for example in residential estate type situations.

Unfortunately there is an ever increasing trend particularly in South Africa where competent governance is in rapid decline across the board.  Typically communities are forced to stand up to take control of their own situations with the proliferation of Neighbourhood Watches & formalized CID structures.

SENIXA has developed a demonstrable track record of working directly with numerous communities to assist design, manage & in many cases pioneer security & public space management systems for operation in South Africa.

The mindful placement of cameras to monitor human & vehicular flow in large volumes, integrating over distributed networks is where SENIXA excels in the technological context.

SENIXA’s Monitoring Centre is one of South Africa’s leading hubs for surveillance systems monitoring whereby large numbers of networked CCTV camera clusters may be hooked into private security, emergency services & law enforcement to focus use of scarce resources appropriately.

‘We seldom see cases come out of that area now… you’ve really locked it down… & you listened to our needs with installing LPR cameras…

Precinct Captain, South African Police Service (SAPS), Cape Town

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