Ongoing Technical Support

SENIXA provides ongoing technical & fault diagnostics.  This goes hand in hand as part of security monitoring services.  Remote fault diagnostics, network monitoring & device heath checking is conducted remotely for clients.

99.9% of the time any issues experienced by clients are never a result of CCTV surveillance camera equipment.  The issues are most always to do with power or communications networking, internet services etc.

SENIXA’s use of our own VPN networks ensures we have full remote control over systems- this enables clients to focus on their core competencies & business at hand, whilst SENIXA handles the running & monitoring of surveillance systems.

This skill set is a key source of differentiation for SENIXA as it sets us apart from traditional installer or monitoring companies.  Clients avoid the frustrations of ‘buck passing’ whereby resolution of issues tends to be passed among various 3rd parties such as the IT networking people or its the ISP etc.

SENIXA’s see it & own it approach, combined with the capability to resolve issues by making the required interventions allows us to get ahead of issues.

More Installation Services

Maintenance Services

When SENIXA installs CCTV surveillance systems we select & utilize only the highest quality commercial grade equipment & materials.  This takes into account the installation

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Training for your staff

Training for your staff

SENIXA’s competency with multiple CCTV surveillance platforms positions us well us to facilitate & impart skills transfer & training for our client’s staff. CCTV surveillance

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