Remote Monitoring Services – immediacy of response

Your property, space & environment can have enhanced protection against various risks such as criminal damage, antisocial behavior or fire with CCTV monitoring services from SENIXA.

As one of South Africa’s leading monitoring centers for CCTV surveillance, with an extensive network of monitored cameras across the Cape Town area numbering in the thousands.  SENIXA operates 7 x 24 x 365, meaning client’s premises, businesses & community spaces are protected always.

SENIXA staff are predominantly former front line security armed response personnel, with many years of first responder experience gained in a country which unenviably & persistently ranks in the world’s top 10 for violent & gang related crime.

All staff are highly trained & all are authorized & regulated by PSIRA in South Africa, & security monitoring staff are complemented on shift by technical engineering staff.

SENIXA utilizes the latest AI/ deep learning video analytics to reduce false alerts.  This enables staff to focus & identify true threats in order to efficiently manage & mitigate relevant risks.

SENIXA develops & manages its own bespoke VPN solutions which gives us unparalleled ability to cost effectively control surveillance systems across distributed networks, whilst protecting client data by incorporating cryptographic levels of encryption.

How it works:

Traditional ‘old school’ CCTV systems rely at best on something happening & this hopefully being spotted in progress, else incidents are followed up with post event video analysis of incidents.  Whilst useful, this is a REACTIVE activity. 

The use of the latest high tech analytics, surveillance systems are now far more PROACTIVE with alerts being sent in real time to dedicated team of operators who can then initiate an agreed response protocol.  Remote monitoring services either support or can be used to replace on-site staff, all with the aim of making an intervention before an incident can occur.

SENIXA can offer a range of bespoke/ tailor services options for numerous client specific applications:

  • Alarm monitoring;
  • CCTV surveillance monitoring;
  • Fire systems monitoring;
  • Network monitoring;
  • Analytic ‘black screen’, or live feed monitoring & post event video recovery & analysis;
  • Flexible or fixed coverage, night time only or 7×24 coverage
  • Voice/ audio defense systems to deliver immediacy of warning/ response;
  • Perimeter protection- for creation of sterile areas, for example property boundaries such as residential estates, farms, commercial premises & construction yards etc;
  • Public space monitoring for Communities, Private Security Companies, Neighbourhood Watches, South Africa City Improvement Districts [CID’s] & Police/ Law Enforcement entities;
  • Video storage & timely retrieval;
  • Scanning applications- process & inventory management, Point of Sale etc;
  • Access control- control/ management of points of ingress/ egress such as gate systems to apartment blocks, commercial premises, storage yards etc;
  • Vehicles- license plate recognition, ANPR database integration, traffic & parking management;
  • Check in/ out;
  • Virtual security patrolling/ tracking of humans/ vehicles;
  • Check me home or virtual chaperone services for remote/ lone workers etc;
  • Integration with appropriate private Armed Response Companies, Law Enforcement & Emergency Services authorities.

Main client benefits:

  • Move from reactive to proactive- prevent invasion/ breaches/ damage before it happens;
  • Reduces costs by eliminating the need for physical security;
  • Operational efficiency & effectiveness.