Remote Concierge

SENIXA has developed this as a speciality service whereby the management of your premises can be successfully conducted remotely.  This is based on integrating & interfacing entry/ exit points with audio/ visual communications via various devices, such as:

  • Intercoms systems;
  • CCTV surveillance systems;
  • Facial Recognition Systems;
  • Access control systems- remotes, door locks, gates, garage doors etc.

Typical applications of this service are at:

  • Apartment blocks;
  • Educational facilities;
  • Safe Houses;
  • Logistics & transportation facilities;
  • Manufacturing & Commercial premises;
  • Construction sites.

In order for humans/ vehicles to gain appropriate access or make deliveries SENIXA staff require audio/ visual confirmation of individual[s] before permitting site access.  Once verified, visitors or delivery drivers can be granted or denied permission to enter/ exit remotely by SENIXA operators.

This service benefits clients by:

  • reassuring stakeholders that their premises are both managed & protected;
  • reduces client’s staffing costs dramatically, by removing the need for security guards & receptionists.

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