Residential Estates & Apartment Complexes

Safety, tranquility & peace of mind spring to mind when thinking of estates & apartment living spaces.  These vary in size from town house developments to large scale residential estates & apartment blocks.

Perimeter protection & appropriate access control systems are paramount to securing & managing these environments.

SENIXA has competency in designing, installing, supporting & providing remote security monitoring & access control systems- be this human or vehicular.  This also involves the required integration with back up power redundancy, all networking & mechanical systems for large scale estates.

SENIXA’s experience with residential apartment complexes has enabled us to develop remote concierge services, whereby entire large scale buildings can be fully managed remotely, or services dovetailed with existing on site resources.  This reduces operating costs for clients, whilst increasing operational efficiency & effectiveness for the management of facilities.

The owners of Beaches are all captains of industry based in South Africa, Europe & USA.

The security requirements are hence very demanding and require state of the art technology that serves a purpose in every respect

We investigated the providers both locally and internationally and selected SENIXA.

SENIXA are extremely knowledgeable & very well informed concerning all aspects of Security communication and monitoring thereof.  Their character in serving us has been flawless, committed, totally honest & expert beyond our wildest expectations.  The installation was very professional.  We, & the international consultants involved, have been very impressed with the attention to detail especially & the end result.

The monitoring has been extremely efficient and punctual I cannot recommend SENIXA are strongly enough and would encourage the services.’

Chair- Body Corporate, The Beaches, Clifton

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